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Fall 2013

Welcome to Regents School of Charlottesville!​

Life long learners - that is one of the goals of classical Christian education and Regents School of Charlottesville.  As a school, we hope to inspire our students, our faculty and also our families to be life long learners, to seek truth, to dig a little deeper into that science concept or literary element, to ask, "Why is the sky blue?" or "What inspired an orphaned J.S. Bach to create such magnificent pieces of music? " 

We hope to give students at Regents School the tools to think so that they can learn anything.  Many of our parents go back to their educational roots and read the classics alongside their children eager for understanding and clarity that they did not receive in their own schooling.  We are grateful for this type of parent partnership at Regents School and recognize that God gave parents the responsibility of training up children including his or her education (Deuteronomy 6:7, Psalm 78:5-7).  The concept of In Loco Parentis describes much of how we operate here at Regents School.  

The 2013-2014 school year is our fourth year of operation.  We opened our doors with 7 students four years ago and were excited to open our doors this past August with 83 students in grades K-9.  We offer a classical curriculum of Literature, Writing, Grammar, Science, Math, History and Bible as well as Latin, Logic and Rhetoric, PE, Art and Music.  It is also our great joy to also add athletics at the middle school level this year.  We welcome all of our homeschooled sports participants!  It is great to see you in the volleyball gym, cross country routes and baseball field this Fall!  

Welcome to our Regents School family!    

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